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Net::Socket Class Reference

base socket class, don't use direct More...

#include <net_socket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Socket ()
 dummy constructor

void get (char *buffer, int size)
 read data

void set (char *buffer, int size)
 write data

int getOnce (char *buffer, int size)
 try get data once

void destroy ()
 close socket

string peerName ()
 get name of peer

void operator= (Socket s)
 copy operator

Protected Attributes

int sockId
 socket handle

Detailed Description

base socket class, don't use direct

Member Function Documentation

void Net::Socket::get char *  buffer,
int  size

read data

blocking read

buffer buffer for read data
size size of expected data (this function won't end until reads size bytes)

int Net::Socket::getOnce char *  buffer,
int  size

try get data once

do not use - only for testing usage

void Net::Socket::set char *  buffer,
int  size

write data

nonblocking write

buffer buffer of data
size size of buffer

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