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Matrix4< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Matrix4< T >, including all inherited members.

at(int x, int y)Matrix4< T >inline
at(int x, int y) constMatrix4< T >inline
createFrustum(T left, T right, T bottom, T top, T zNear, T zFar)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
createLookAt(const Vector3< T > &eyePos, const Vector3< T > &centerPos, const Vector3< T > &upDir)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
createOrtho(T left, T right, T bottom, T top, T zNear, T zFar)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
createRotationAroundAxis(T xDeg, T yDeg, T zDeg)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
createScale(T sx, T sy, T sz)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
createTranslation(T x, T y, T z, T w=1)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
dataMatrix4< T >
det()Matrix4< T >inline
fromColumnMajorArray(const FromT *arr)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
fromRowMajorArray(const FromT *arr)Matrix4< T >inlinestatic
getScale() constMatrix4< T >inline
getTranslation() constMatrix4< T >inline
identity()Matrix4< T >inline
inverse()Matrix4< T >inline
lerp(T fact, const Matrix4< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
Matrix4()Matrix4< T >inline
Matrix4(const T *dt)Matrix4< T >inline
Matrix4(const Matrix4< T > &src)Matrix4< T >inline
Matrix4(const Matrix4< FromT > &src)Matrix4< T >inline
operator const T *() constMatrix4< T >inline
operator T*()Matrix4< T >inline
operator!=(const Matrix4< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator()(int i, int j)Matrix4< T >inline
operator()(int i, int j) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator*(T rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator*(const Vector4< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator*(const Vector3< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator*(Matrix4< T > rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator+(const Matrix4< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator+(T rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator-(const Matrix4< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator-(T rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator/(T rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &lhs, const Matrix4< T > &rhs)Matrix4< T >friend
operator=(const Matrix4< T > &rhs)Matrix4< T >inline
operator=(const Matrix4< FromT > &rhs)Matrix4< T >inline
operator=(const T *rhs)Matrix4< T >inline
operator==(const Matrix4< T > &rhs) constMatrix4< T >inline
setRotation(const Matrix3< T > &m)Matrix4< T >inline
setScale(T s)Matrix4< T >inline
setScale(T sx, T sy, T sz)Matrix4< T >inline
setScale(const Vector3< T > &s)Matrix4< T >inline
setTranslation(const Vector3< T > &v)Matrix4< T >inline
toString() constMatrix4< T >inline
transpose()Matrix4< T >inline