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Vector4< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for Vector4< T >, including all inherited members.

aVector4< T >
bVector4< T >
gVector4< T >
length() constVector4< T >inline
lengthSq() constVector4< T >inline
lerp(T fact, const Vector4< T > &r) constVector4< T >inline
normalize()Vector4< T >inline
operator const T *() constVector4< T >inline
operator T*()Vector4< T >inline
operator!=(const Vector4< T > &rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator*(const Vector4< T > rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator*(T rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator*=(const Vector4< T > &rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator*=(T rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator+(const Vector4< T > &rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator+(T rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator+=(const Vector4< T > &rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator+=(T rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator-(const Vector4< T > &rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator-() constVector4< T >inline
operator-(T rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator-=(const Vector4< T > &rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator-=(T rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator/(const Vector4< T > &rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator/(T rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator/=(const Vector4< T > &rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator/=(T rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator<<(std::ostream &lhs, const Vector4< T > &rhs)Vector4< T >friend
operator=(const Vector4< T > &rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator=(const Vector4< FromT > &rhs)Vector4< T >inline
operator==(const Vector4< T > &rhs) constVector4< T >inline
operator[](int n)Vector4< T >inline
operator[](int n) constVector4< T >inline
rVector4< T >
toString() constVector4< T >inline
Vector4()Vector4< T >inline
Vector4(T nx, T ny, T nz, T nw)Vector4< T >inline
Vector4(const Vector4< T > &src)Vector4< T >inline
Vector4(const Vector4< FromT > &src)Vector4< T >inline
Vector4(const Vector3< T > &src, T w)Vector4< T >inline
Vector4(const Vector3< FromT > &src, FromT w)Vector4< T >inline
wVector4< T >
xVector4< T >
xyz() constVector4< T >inline
yVector4< T >
zVector4< T >