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Games::Board Class Reference

class for board information More...

#include <board.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Board ()
 generic constructor

 Board (int w, int h, int x, int y, int fw)
 generic constructor with initalization

virtual ~Board ()
 generic destructor

unsigned char winner ()
 returns state if game

bool move (int x, int y, unsigned char pl)
 tries to do move

void draw ()
 draws board

unsigned char * getData ()
 get raw data of board

int getSize ()
 get size of board

int atX (int mx)
 get x-offest of mouse-point in board

int atY (int my)
 get y-offest of mouse-point in board

Static Public Member Functions

int eval (unsigned char *data)
 evaluate array and answer number of winner (0 if winner is not)

Detailed Description

class for board information

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