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Piskvorky Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
Net::AcceptedSocketSocket class for accepted connection
Games::BoardClass for board information
Net::ClientSocketSocket class for client
Net::ConnectionExceptionConnection Exception class
System::ExceptionGeneric exception class
Games::GameBase game class
Games::GameStateState of game class, used for network game
Net::HostClass for host information
Net::HostExceptionException class for network host hot found
System::ListenerThread used for dispatching server-side of application
Games::LocalGameLocal game class
Games::MasterGameClass for master of game
System::MenuMenu class
System::MenuItemMenu item class
System::Mutexed< X >Class for mutexed (thread safe) variables
Games::NetworkGameBase network game class
Net::ServerSocketSocket class for server
Games::SlaveGameClass for slave of game
Net::SocketBase socket class, don't use direct
System::ThreadClass that wraps pthread operation

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